Dr. A. Alexis Shrager
Board Certified Specialists,
Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthodontics

Complimentary Consultation


Dr. Shrager,
Thank you for all you have done to make me have a beautiful smile. I would’ve never had this smile without you. You made one of my dreams come true. So once again, thank you!
Love, Ellynes Martines


The staff here are very friendly and personable.  Dr. Shrager has done an amazing job with my teeth!!  I feel so much more confident when I smile and overall!!  I had jaw surgery to have Tads placed and I was very nervous about it, but Dr. Shrager assured me that it would be worth it and that she would do her very best to help correct my bite without having to go through with the reconstructive sergery.  I am a 25 year old patient who was told that braces couldn’t help me by three different orthodontists, so naturally I was concerned that I was a hopeless case! When I came into have a consultation with Dr. Shrager, she was so positive and upbeat and assured me she could help.  It was so refreshing to hear and she gave me hope!  Dr. Shrager, and her find and patient staff have given me a new smile just in time for my wedding, and for the rest of my life. :)
Brandi Baney


Dr. Shrager and her staff did a wonderful job correcting my teeth.  I was very pleased with the service they performed, as well as the pricing.  Thank you Dr. Shrager and everyone at Champion Orthodontics for giving me confidence that will carry over into all aspects of my life.
Jason Hamilton


If you’re looking for a place to come and feel comfortable, relaxed and assured about getting your teeth fixed, then Champions Orthodontics is the place to come! Whether you’re the parent of a child getting ready to embark on the journey of getting braces or an adult needing to fix an old problem with Invisalign, I promise this place will not only take care of you, but impress you! From the moment I stepped in the door, Dr. Shrager and her staff has been extremely helpful, friendly and kind! I feel like I am going to a family reunion every time I come in because everyone is excited to see me. For those that fear the long doctors office waits, no need to worry here! Every time I have come in, they promptly get me in and out with no problems!  If you have younger children or a spouse with you, there are plenty of magazines, books and even video games to keep them busy!  My experience with my Invisalign has been near perfect thanks to the support from the staff at Champion Orthodontics. Just as their name says, Champion Orthodontics is a place where you can come to feel like a champion again…now THAT’S something to smile about!
Cheyanne Lent