Dr. A. Alexis Shrager
Board Certified Specialists,
Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthodontics

Complimentary Consultation

First Visit

small Hema with folderWe welcome all new patients like they were family. We try to make everyone’s first visit to our Orlando Orthodontist office as comfortable as possible.

At your first appointment, we will conduct a detailed exam and go over the available treatment options. This initial appointment will last just 30 minutes and provide an in-depth analysis of your potential orthodontic needs.

To optimize your time here, Dr. Shrager may decide to schedule time to gather diagnostic records, including photos, x-rays and impressions for study models. This information will help us determine the appropriate treatment. Diagnostics will require about an hour of your time.  Remember, we want to be YOUR Orlando Orthodontist and will do anything and everything to serve you the best we can.

Following is a list of questions we answer during your initial visit to our Orlando Orthodontist office. Please note, we want you to ask any questions you may have during the appointment:

  • Do you have an issue that may require orthodontics?
  • After considering tooth eruption, tooth growth and other related factors, is now the appropriate time to begin treatment, or should we delay until a future date?
  • Will it be necessary to remove any permanent teeth from the patient?
  • How much will the selected treatment cost?
  • What it the appropriate treatment to address your problem?
  • What are the patient’s available payment options?
  • Once a treatment is determined, how long will treatment last?

On many occasions we can address some or all of these questions during the initial visit to our Orlando Orthodontist office. However, on some occasions we may require more time to analyze the diagnostic results. Ultimately, the more thorough the diagnosis, the better the results and the happier the client.

At this point our staff will help you schedule a follow-up consultation to discuss your treatment options, scheduling and payment arrangements.

By the time you leave our office you know what course of treatment we will take and the treatment timeline. And most importantly, you should have answers to all your questions.   Hopefully, we can be your Orlando Orthodontist for all of your needs.

For your initial visit we request that you bring your panoramic x-rays (taken within 6 months) and orthodontic insurance card if you have one. This information will enable us to estimate your treatment costs.

New Patient Forms

Please fill out these forms and bring them with you to your first appointment. Thank you!



Insurance and Financial Information